January 29, 2018

Nicole Curtis

The Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis has not become famous for her Breastfeeding Right Campaign only but she is also center of attraction for fans and media for various other reasons. The personal life of Curtis, who is the host of the DIY and HGTV Network megahit show Rehab Addict since 2010, is also a matter that people have been wondering for. Nicole is a once married woman. Yes, you read that right.

Frank Kern

Synopsis Frank Kern is best recognized as an internet and video marketer. He is also the successful entrepreneur and a business consultant. He has released videos describing the operation of The Syndicate. He able to garner a huge and loyal fan base through his business intelligence. He has released his latest information product ‘Mass Conversion’ in 2014. Early Life and Education Frank Kern was born on August 30, 1973, in