Fast N’ Loud Star Richard Rawlings Married Twice and Divorced Once With Wife Suzanne: Children Details

Fast N' Loud Star Richard Rawlings Married Twice and Divorced Once With Wife Suzanne: Children Details

If you are a regular viewer of Discovery famous show The Fast N’Loud then there is no doubt that you know it’s sole star, Richard Rawling. He became the sole star after his former partner Aaron Kaufman left the Gas Monkey Garage at the end of 12th Season in March of this year.

Likely to his professional career, the 48-year-old handsome hunk also has an unsatisfied personal life. He has gone through a troubled marital relationship.

He was previously married to Suzanne Marie but do you know an interesting fact about this pair? They are married for twice in their life and the couple never shared children together. Let’s learn the tragic personal life of Richard Rawling.

Richard Rawling Married Life And Divorce With Wife Suzanne Marie: Twice Married, No Children

The exact date how and when the couple first met is still under the shadow but Richard reportedly got married to on 7 August 1999, after dating and enjoying a romantic love affair for so long. And their wedding ceremony was held in Nevada, Las Vegas.

Richard Rawlings and Suzanne Rawlings
Richard Rawlings and Suzanne Rawlings

Source: OnlineNews

Do you know what? Before tying in a marital relationship with Suzanne, Richard was married to Karen K Grames in 1993.

Richard’s first marriage only lasted for a year and in this matter, the reality television star hasn’t spoken anything yet.

Richard Rawlings
Richard Rawlings

Source: Heightline

Despite his second marriage, Richard maintained his relationship very well with Suzanne. The couple enjoyed a beautiful married life together for over a decade but unfortunately, they ended their relationship with a divorce on 14 August 2009.

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The couple remained single for six years before they reconciled again and walked again down the aisle. They married for the second time on 15 January 2015 in Cabo, Mexico.

Relationship of the Richard Rawlings
Relationship of the Richard Rawlings

                      Source: WickedFacts

This sounds a little bit filmy, right? And you know what? Their relationship looks stronger than ever. Although Richard and Suzanne married twice, they do not have any children and we never heard the news of Suzanne’s wife.

They often share romantic moments of them together on social media sites. Here’s an Instagram picture Richard shared that featured him kissing his beloved wife. Check it out.

We wish them to enjoy their life together forever.

Is Fast N’Loud Star Richard Rawlings A Gay? Or Just A Rumor?

After his wife divorced Richard, people started speculating that she left him because he was gay. But as there was no any concert proof of Richard being gay or bisexual, considering the rumors baseless, the gay rumors ultimately drowned.

The Reason Why Richard And Suzanne Divorce

When asked about his remarriage with Suzanne, he revealed that his career is the main reason behind his divorce with Suzanne.

Three years after his divorce, Richard and Aaron’s show Fast N’ Loud’s premiered on 6th June 2012 but now Aaron has parted his ways from both Fast N’Loud and Gas Monkey Garage.

In the interview with DFW, Richard said;

It was spur-of-the-moment down in Cabo in January. We got divorced while all the [Gas Monkey and Fast N’ Loud] stuff was happening and it was hard for her to put up with it.

So it was rough on her for a while. I’m traveling, I’m gone, and, of course, there are lots of girls out there. But we fixed it, we got remarried, and everything’s cool.

He further added that his wife is the most phenomenal persons he has ever met saying that she is very dumb as she married him twice and of course he said this in a sarcastic way.

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