Who Is Reina Hardesty? All About Her: Career & Net Worth

Who Is Reina Hardesty? All About Her: Career & Net Worth

Reina Hardesty is a renowned American cinematographer and actress known for her portrayal of Aspen Fairchild in 2017 drama series Greenhouse Academy. The actress also appeared in 2016 crime-thriller, Startup. Reina being immensely talented has risen high in her career and accumulated a decent amount of net worth at a very young age.

Well, this is not all about her. She has showcased her acting ability and versatility in many other TV works. But these are all her professional endeavors. Besides, she has also overwhelmed the hearts of many young lads with her sexy smile and perfectly toned body. I guess you might be already wondering if she is dating a boyfriend? Or is she has had been in relationships in the past.

In that case, you are at the right place. In today’s section, we are going to talk in detail about the actress career, net worth, her love life, affairs, and relationships.

Reina Hardesty Bio: Her Career, and Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Reina is a beautiful actress and a cinematographer. She was born in Orange County, California. Though Reina has featured in just a handful of TV series, she has given justice to each of her characters. Apart from her work in Greenhouse Academy and Startup, she has portrayed many other prominent roles.

American actress Reina Hardesty
American actress Reina Hardesty

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Reina played the character named Grace in Yes, Doctor…?Monica Crew on Bluffside Drive, Gypsy on Astrid Clover, and Young Maxine in LAid.  At present, she is busy playing Stella Namura on the Crackle TV series StartUp. The first episode of Startup aired September 6, 2016.

The show was well received upon its airing with 8.1/10 rating on IMDb. However, it received just 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Watch the beautiful Reina Hardesty

Well, having been appeared in quite a few prominent roles in some fine TV series, Reina is obvious to have been paid quite some handsome sum of salary. Undoubtedly, she not paid salary as much as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson, but it is definitely more than an average people earns out of their profession.

Likewise, her net worth must also be no less than in millions, however, we can not precisely mention the sum of her net worth or salary. No matter how much her net worth is at the moment, considering her acting skills, we are sure she is going to add millions to her account.

Reina Hardesty Is Active on Social Media: Instagram & Twitter

Reina as a celebrity is very active on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. She has over 13.8k followers on Instagram and over 527 followers on her Twitter. She constantly keeps on updating her fans with the stuff in her life.

Want to take a look at Reina’s life via social media. Zoom on.


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It was all a dream. (photo by @lesettemaxwell)

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@isayx3 @hairandmakeupbyzenna

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Along with sexy posts on her Instagram, she also updates her fans about herself on her Twitter handle. In fact, she comes up as a very humorous lady on her Twitter posts. Check it out.

Reina Hardesty Relationship Status: Dating A Boyfriend?

One may find it hard to believe, but the beautiful Reina has not hinted anything that indicates her being in a relationship. Undoubtedly, as a celebrity she is exposed to a lot of people and therefore a lot of love proposals, however, the actress so far has played it safe.

Neither, she is reported dating a boyfriend at present, nor there are any past records of her to have had indulged in a love affair. Maybe the actress is dating someone secretly and maybe she does not want media’s eye on her boyfriend, but nothing can be said for sure until she herself addresses the matter.

However, she is quite often spotted with a guy named William Haynes on YouTube and social media. In fact, the two are often together live on social sites.

Well, though they are often together, they are apparently good friends. In case, they are dating each other, we hope, they reveal it to the world.


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