Kai Michelle Carter

Ellen Rucker Sellers

Synopsis Ellen Rucker Sellers is a co-founder of the hair treatment product, Rucker Roots. She is also a professional doctor of Chiropractic medicine who has practiced in her hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina at Rucker Chiropractic for over a decade. Early Life and Education Ellen Rucker Sellers was born in Lancaster, South Carolina, US. She was raised by her parents Dr. Douglas; a dentist and Ruby Rucker; a teacher in her hometown Lancaster. She

Bakari Sellers

Synopsis The American politician and attorney, Bakari Sellers, is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and 2014 Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Early Life and Education Born on September 18, 1984, in South Carolina, United States, Bakari Sellers was born as Bakari T. Sellers to his parents Gwendolyn Sellers and Cleveland Sellers,