Bodhi Elfman’s Wife Jenna Elfman’s Career Pays Her Net Worth In Million, Her Salary

Bodhi Elfman's Wife Jenna Elfman's Career Pays Her Net Worth In Million, Her Salary

Bodhi Elfman’s Wife Jenna Elfman is an American actress. Like many other Hollywood actors like Kim Kardashian, & Emma Stone, Jenna Elfman holds a strong career ahead of her. In fact, Jenna’s profession as an actress has paid her a substantial sum of salary. And over the years, her net worth has rapidly increased.

Jennifer Mary, a.k.a Jenna Elfman, was born on September 30, 1971. She is famous for her role in 1997–2002 American television sitcom Dharma & Greg. At the age of 46, she has appeared in dozens of TV series and films like Growing Up Fisher, Imaginary Mary, Barry. She has also played Annie in 2011 film named Friends with Benefits, etc.  She will soon be essaying the role of Naomi in Fear the Walking Dead.

Well, this is not all about her. There is a lot more about her career accomplishments that we will be discussing below. Further, we will be talking in detail about her source of income, net worth, and salary.

Jenna Elfman Net Worth Is $16 Million: Her Salary and career

As mentioned above, Jenna’s net worth as of 2017 is around $16 million. A major part of her income is an outcome of her back to back roles in films and television series. Following her appearance in television sitcom Dharma & Greg, her popularity immensely grew leading to increase in her fees for her roles.

Fear the Walking Dead Actress Jenna Elfman career as an actress is amazing
Fear the Walking Dead Actress Jenna Elfman

As per 2009 reports by The Richest, she received a payment (as a salary) of around $125,000 for every episode of Accidentally on Purpose. 

Like Accidentally on Purpose, her other prominent work includes her role in Imaginary Mary, Shameless, Courting Alex, Fear the Walking Dead(Upcoming). The exact fees she received for all those roles are not revealed, But it seems the actress has charged quite a good sum of money for Fear the Walking Dead.

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Fear the Walking Dead is reportedly a prequel to The Walking Dead. In the series, the lead character Andrew Lincoln is paid around $92,000 per episode. Likewise, the other main cast of the series Norman Reedus is paid around $80,000 per episode. Considering their salary per episode, we can assume that Jenna’s salary for the role is also similar.

Jenna Elfman visit to Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on April 25, 2017, her net worth is $16 million
Jenna Elfman visit to Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood on April 25, 2017

Similarly, for her roles in movies, Damages, Friends with Benefits, Growing Up Fisher, she was paid $2.2 million, $1.29 million and $2.79 million respectively.

Apart from this, her income from endorsements also has a huge impact on her net worth. If sources are to be believed, she makes around $500,000 annually only from endorsements.

Jenna Elfman Professional Life In Detail, Awards

Jenna made her acting debut in 1992 as a background Ballet Dancer in Murder, She Wrote. Around the mid-90s, she appeared in several uncredited roles before making a breakthrough appearance as Tanya in 1997 film Grosse Pointe Blank.

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The same year, she portrayed Dharma in a TV series, Dharma & Greg, which proved out to be her other success. Her role in the series earned her wide recognization and fame along with a number of awards and nominations. She was awarded a Golden Globe Award, and a TV Guide Award for the role and also received several nominations.

Further, she will soon be seen as Noami in Fear the Walking Dead.

Well, the actress is having an amazing career which pays a good sum as a salary. Moreover, Jenna, who owns a net worth of $16 million is sure to add a lot more to her account in the future. Let’s wish her best of luck.


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