Long Island Medium Actress Theresa Caputo Married to Husband Larry & Divorce Rumor: Parents of Two Children – Affair and Relationship

Long Island Medium Actress Theresa Caputo Married to Husband Larry & Divorce Rumor: Parents of Two Children – Affair and Relationship

Hollywood industry has always been a medium of connecting people. Love affair, break up and divorce news regarding the couples is often heard. Further. dating a new boyfriend or beginning a new relationship is very common in Hollywood television industry.

Yes, that’s another matter that most of the split or divorce also happens in this industry. But, Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo are one of those favorite married couples who has successfully been an inspiration for millions.

These two lovebirds are officially husband and wife and have been enjoying a romantic marital relationship for years. The story doesn’t end here. Theresa and Larry are also parents of two adorable children.

Let’s learn the details about the pair including their affair, relationship, and dating history. Stay tuned.

Short Bio – Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo’s Short Biography/Wiki

Born in Hicksville, New York on 10th June 1966 Theresa Caputo is a renowned American television personality. She is best known her appearance on the popular TLC reality Television series, Long Island Medium.

American television persanality Theresa caputo
American television persanality Theresa caputo


Besides being a television star, Theresa is also an author who has written a couple of books. Additionally, she tours under Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience.

You might not know but this 51-year-old is also famous for “communicating with the spirits of dead or alive.”

Husband and Wife: Larry Caputo and Theresa Caputo respectively
Husband and Wife: Larry Caputo and Theresa Caputo respectively


Theresa Caputo has currently been happily married to her beloved husband Larry Caputo whose birth date is 31st August 1956. Larry is a former food business owner who had retired from his food business at the age of 55.

He came to limelight after he starred on the show alongside his wife. Larry is a big fan of tattoos and motorcycles.

Married Life of Theresa and Larry without Divorce Rumors: Parents of Two Children

Theresa and Larry are officially spouses since 16 September 1989 and they reportedly “were married in a beautiful wedding ceremony”.

It’s a mystery that when and how the couple met and started an affair but these two lovebirds dated each other for long before they got married. Thresa in 2017 celebrated Christmas and shared the moment on Twitter.

It’s have been over two decades of their marriage and the couple is enjoying a romantic marital relationship till now without a single divorce rumor. Theresa recently wished everyone happy new year on her Twitter.

Besides, there is another reason in the couple’s life which makes them happier. They have two children together among which one is a handsome son named Larry Caputo Jr., and another is a beautiful daughter Victoria Caputo.

Their two kids had also appeared on Theresa’s show. The perfect family of four is living happily together.

Long Island Medium: Do Theresa and Larry Have Marriage Problems or Conflict between them?

Although we don’t find a single sign of Theresa and Larry getting into troubles in their relationship, it seems things have changed in their beautiful marital relationship.

A few months back, a short teaser of the new season of Long Island Medium released in which the actress revealed something about their marriage to her friend.

She talked about her “marital relationship with Larry” mentioning that it was changing.

Here’s the video clip, check out the story.

Video: Theresa Caputo Broke His Silence on her Marriage Problems with Husband Larry

There were many speculations about the conflicts between the married couple and people had even speculated their fame as one of the reasons behind the problems. It was also believed that Larry Caputo’s stroke could be the reason.

This is also a reason why the pair’s marriage in the spotlight. Anyways, let’s just wish the couple all the very best for a blissful life.

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