6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Rescue In Process: Footage/Pictures

Official in Taiwan have confirmed 2 deaths and 100 of injuries from a strong earthquake with 6.4 magnitude tremor struck at 23:50 (15:50 GMT) A hotel has collapsed after the strong and powerful earthquake hit Taiwan 20km off the island’s east coast. What damages are made till now? A 10-storey building- a hotel, Marshal Hotel has collapsed from the basement. Picture of tilt buildings is making rounds on the internet. The

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Accused of Raping ‘I Went Limp’ Singer Melissa Schuman

Former teen pop singer, Melissa Schuman has accused, Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter of rape. Mellissa gave a detailed account of the incident on her personal blog. Melissa is 33 now and has stated that Carter raped her when he was 22 and she 18. Source: MeroLyrics Carter in talk with PEOPLE on Wednesday stated his shock on former’s statement. He said: I am shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman’s

Enjoy Sex, Not Sexual Harassments: Louis C.K Marks a New Convict after Harvey Weinstein

One after another, newer names that initially propagated as the “honorable personality” has bubbled up adding to the list of sexual harassers. With innumerable names making the history, Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K stand up as the new “role model” for the one who prays perversion and puts a dirty eye on the opposite sex.      source: Dailymirror In other words, the two can also be bookmarked as the

Sean Hannity Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations by Debbie Schlussel. Is Wife Jill Rhodes All Set to Divorce

Sean Hannity is one of the most controversial television personality who has always been surrounded by the sexual harassment allegations. This is the thing why the divorces rumors of Sean have been speeded all over the world. Sean Hannity is a versatile American talk show host, author, conservative political commentator as well as a conspiracy theorist. Sean has been married to her wife Jill Rhodes since 1993 and the couple