Hallie Gnatovich

Hallie Gnatovich


Hallie Gnatovich is a former co-host and co-executive producer of a very famous show ‘Destination Truth’, which ran from June 2007 to August 2012. She is also well known for her works in Archer House. Gnatovich is married to her boyfriend, American TV presenter and TV producer, Josh Gates since 2014.

Early Life and Career

Hallie Gnatovich was born in the United States of America. She was raised up by her parents in America. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, Gnatovich is a White and regarding her nationality, Gnatovich is an American.

Gnatovich appeared in a weekly American paranormal reality television show, Destination Truth that was aired on June 6, 2007, on Syfy. For the series, she worked as a minor-co-star, taking part in eight episodes from 2008 to the show’s final.

The show ran from June 2007 to August 2012 and consisted of five 11-episode seasons. Besides, Gnatovich also made her appearance as Marnie in ‘Archer House’, in the year 2007.

Personal Life

Hallie Gnatovich is a married woman. Gnatovich has been married to her long-time boyfriend, Josh Gates since 2014. Her husband Gates is one of the most renowned American television presenters. Besides being a television presenter, he is also a television producer and author.

Gnatovich met the love of her life, Josh Gates, in a 2007 Syfy Channel’s show Destination Truth, Where they both worked as a host and co-executive producer for the show. The pair fell in love with each other after they worked for 5 years from 2007 to 2012 for the show and eventually began a love affair.

After several years of dating, the couple decided to take their relationship to next level and married on 13 September 2014. They welcomed their first child, a son Owen in February 2016. The perfect family of three is living happily together in LA and since their marriage, there has not come out any rumors of divorce.

Net Worth

Hallie Gnatovich has earned a good amount of net worth from her career, however, her exact figure of net worth is not made public. Gnatovich’s husband, Josh’s estimated net worth is $3 million.


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