Roman Kemp Sexuality: Rumor to be Gay, Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Affair, Relationship & Dating History

Blue eyed Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp is one of those celebrities who has stolen the heart of millions of girls. With his extreme talent and hard work, Roman has successfully become a well-recognized television and radio personality. Roman, who is best known for his appearance in Capital FM, was also a social media correspondent for The X Factor UK 2016.

These days many girls have been feeling disheartened as the rumors regarding this 34-year-old handsome hunk being gay have surfaced all over the world. So, why people have been pointing towards his sexual orientation? Is he dating a boyfriend or girlfriend? What’s his sexuality; Gay, Straight or Bisexual?

Let’s explore. Here, you will be also acknowledged about the affair, relationship and dating history of this television personality. Stay tuned to us.

Capital FM’s Roman Kemp’s Sexuality: Is He Gay or Straight? Previously Dated Girlfriend Holly Filtness

There is an interesting fact about Roman Kemp. Prior to working as a television and radio presenter, he had been active a Youtube star. One thing why people get confused on how Roman has been speculated to be a gay is that he was once romantically linked with his now ex-girlfriend Holly Filtness.

Past boyfriend and girlfriend: Roman Kemp and Holly Filtness (former YouTube co-stars)
Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Roman Kemp and Holly Filtness (former YouTube co-stars)

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You might be wondering how do we come to know Holly to be his girlfriend. Well, Holly was Roman’s co-star at the time he was a Youtuber and during that time, the former Internet star posted a video named “PLAYING SLENDER WITH MY GIRLFRIEND” on his self-titled Youtube channel mentioning Roman being Holly’s boyfriend in the video.

Here’s the video, guys. ENJOY WATCHING!

Thus, it’s been proved that Roman was in a romantic relationship with Holly. The things that how and when the former couple met and started an affair has not been disclosed yet.

Everything was going well, nobody had ever questioned about the sexuality of Roman. It was July 3, 2015, when his sexual orientation became a matter of curiosity for his fans.

But how? Actually, at that time, the blue eyed star had shared a video of him playing a game with his co-star in which he was seen donning a lipstick.

Check out the video.

Does putting a lipstick makes Roman Kemp a gay? Not at all, guys. It was just a game but yet females are being afraid about it.

Fans have also shared a bunch of tweets praying Roman’s sexuality to be straight instead of gay. Here’s one of those tweets. Have a look!

These things led us to to the point Roman Kemp not being a gay/lesbian. But let us wait for the day when he himself opens all the things regarding his personal life.

Roman Kemp’s Engagement Game with Swedish Singer Zara Larsson: Past Affair and Relationship with Georgia Harrison

Roman Kemp has never been involved in a married life (neither have wife nor children) but there’s an interesting story we have about this youtuber-turned-presenter. In July 2017, at Capital STB show, Roman played a fake engagement game along with Zara Larsson, a Swedish singer.

Later, the 20 years aged Lush Life singer even had posted an engagement post captioning “I Said Yes!!!!”.

Have a look.

Roman Kemp's fake engagement ring with singer Zara Larsson (neither girlfriend nor fiancee)
Roman Kemp’s fake engagement ring with singer Zara Larsson (neither girlfriend nor fiancee)

Credit: twitter

In addition, Sam Gowland‘s ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison was caught flirting up a storm with Roman back in August 2017. But the information whether they were dating or had been enjoying a romantic relationship has not been revealed yet.

Looking at all these things, we are forced to say that Roman is a straight guy but not a gay.

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