Stand-Up Comedian Joe Rogan Married to Wife Jessica, No Divorce: Parents of Two Children

Joe Rogan and Wife Jessica

Stand-up comedian Joe Rogan, who recently broke down Tony Ferguson’s ideal approach for Conor McGregor along with Brendan Schaub, has become successful to put smiles on millions of faces. Besides, he is also a martial arts color commentator and podcast host.

Likely to his professional career, the 50-year-old reality television star has a pretty amazing personal life. He has been married to wife Jessica Ronan and enjoying a beautiful life along with his wife and two children; among which two are daughters and one is a son and we don’t see a single divorce rumor in Joe and Jessica’s marital relationship.

Let’s explore more details about Joe’s married life and love affair with his spouse. Stay tuned!

Joe Rogan Is Living A Happy Married Life With Wife Jessica: Parents of Two Kids, Both Are Daughters

If you ask when and how Joe Rogan first met his current wife Jessica Roga, we would unable to answer as none of the two have ever talked about their first meeting or beginning of their affair.

However, the couple had reportedly been dating for long before they tied in a marital relationship. Some sources say that they were first engaged in 2008 before getting married in 2009 but unfortunately, the details about their wedding ceremony are not available yet.

Married since 2009 husband and wife: Joe Rogan and Jessica Schimmel
Married since 2009 husband and wife: Joe Rogan and Jessica Schimmel

Source: gettyimages

You would be surprised when we will tell you that Joe and Jessica had already become parents in May, 2008 when they were not officially husband and wife.  In the following year, they had held their engagement. Jessica, who was a cocktail waitress at the time, had given birth to the couple first child, a daughter at the time.

Joe Rogan's wife Jessica Schimmel with their newly born daughter
Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Schimmel with their newly born daughter

Credit: celebspouse

Later in 2010, Joe Rogan and Jessica Schimmel welcomed their second child and this time again it was a baby girl.  In mid-2009, prior to the birth of their second child, the couple had been living in Boulder, Colorado.

Here’s a video of proud dad with his adorable daughters.

Joe, who has stress-related vitiligo on his hands and feet, has not disclosed the names of his kids yet.

Joe and Jessica’s Past Affair & Dating History: Joe Previously Dated Girlfriend Jerri Manthey

Prior to getting involved in a relationship with Jessica, Joe had an affair with an American television actress Jerri Manthey. The former couple began dating in 1997 and after enjoying a romantic relationship for six years, they broke up in 2003.

Joe Rogan, Jessica and their children, both daughters (happy family)
Joe Rogan, Jessica and their children, both daughters (happy family)

Source: marriedbio

On the other hand, $22 million net worth holder, Joe is a stepfather to Jessica’s daughter which is from her past relationship. Joe and Jessica have currently been ling a blissful married life along with their kids in Bell Canyon, California house.  We don’t see a single divorce rumor. Wish them all the very best for their future!


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