Daniel Tosh Split With Ex-Girlfriend Megan Abrigo: Is He Married A Ballerina Wife?

Daniel Tosh

Daniel Dwight Tosh is a popular American actor, comedian, television host, writer, and executive producer, who holds an estimated net worth of $16 million with a massive salary throughout his career. The 42-year-old Comedy Central star is previously dated ex-girlfriend Megan Abrigo and currently, he has reportedly been married to a ballerina wife.

Today, in this section, we are going to discuss the personal life of the Tosh.0 stand-up comedian. So, let’s learn the details about his affair, relationship, girlfriend, spouse, and children. Stay tuned to us.

Daniel Dwight Tosh Previously Dated ‘Deal or No Deal’ Actress Megan Abrigo: Affair & Relationship

Talking about, Daniel Tosh’s personal life, we can find him once dating a model and actress Megan Abrigo, who is best known for being cast on NBC game show Deal or No Deal.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo
Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo

Credit: celebliveupdate

Daniel and Megan reportedly first met at the end of February 2009. They later had been spotted in various places together after which their relationship had been confirmed. They really had been enjoying a romantic love affair for years and there were even rumors that the couple had been planning to get married.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo
Former boyfriend and girlfriend: Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo

Credit: celebliveupdate

But unfortunately, in 2014, their wedding rumors completely drowned after the couple announced that they were breaking up. None of the stars ever cited the reason behind their split yet.

But there are some speculations made by people on the topic why Daniel and Megan got separated. Let’s learn about it.

Reason for Split of Boyfriend & Girlfriend: Why Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo Broke Up?

Daniel and Megan’s chemistry looked so strong that even once the stand-up comedian said himself the luckiest person to get a partner like Megan in his life but things turned to be false later.

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Daniel Tosh and his ex-girlfriend Megan Abrigo
Daniel Tosh and his ex-girlfriend Megan Abrigo

Credit: getty

Being a famous comedian, Daniel’s job is to make the people laugh. Daniel, who previously apologized over his rape jokes, used to make fun of his girlfriend Megan even in public places that reportedly hurt her self-respect most of the times.

Thus it is believed that Daniel’s misbehavior created conflicts between the pair that ultimately became the reason behind their separation.

Daniel Tosh’s Marriage Rumors With A Ballerina Wife: Joke or Reality? Does He Have Children?

Shortly after he parted ways with girlfriend Megan, Daniel was believed to have a ballet dancer. But why? How and where this rumor came from?

Well, the Boppard-born comedy actor had once shared a Twitter post on 29 March 2014 where he mentioned that he was married and addressed his spouse as a ballerina.

Check out the post.

Again after a couple of years, on 1 March 2016, Daniel shared another tweet in which he mentioned his wife telling that she “is getting a boob job, but only because she has a deviated septum in her tits”.

Check out the tweet.

Again a year before, on 8 August 2017, Daniel posted another tweet about her ballerina wife. Check it out.

Not even this but Daniel once even shared a tweet telling his fans that he was soon going to be a father. All these tweets confused and engrossed the mind of millions but the tweets later turned to be just a joke he made to have fun.

In this regard, Daniel even got a comment from a fan that reads, “do you ever tweet things that make sense to anyone but yourself ”

All these things led us to the point that the versatile television personality is currently single and not been involved in any marital relationship.

False Rumor About His Sexual Orientation: Is Daniel Tosh A Gay?

Daniel is a fun loving person and he loves to talk and spend time with his male friends. Additionally, he is also a gay relationship supporter. And just because he walks with the same gender and supports gay/lesbian relationship, people speculated Daniel, who was nominated for Comedy Special of the Year at the 2012 Comedy Awards, as a gay.

Daniel Tosh with Male Friend (Gay Rumor)
Daniel Tosh with Male Friend (Gay Rumor)

Credit: fanpop

These are baseless point to point towards the sexual orientation of a person. Being effeminate doesn’t mean that he is a gay.

When Daniel was constantly talked about being gay he said,

I’m not gay. I am not married, and I don’t even necessarily believe in the institution of marriage as our culture currently practices it.  That being said, consenting adults should be able to do enter into whatever contracts they wish.

Daniel Tosh’s Salary & Net Worth Throughout His Career

As per the report and the many online sources, the estimated current net worth of Daniel Tosh has been calculated to be more than $16 million with his handsome salary throughout his career.

Check out the pictures of Daniel Tosh House and Cars.

Stand Up Comedian Daniel Tosh's House
Stand Up Comedian Daniel Tosh’s House

Credit: ifunny

Central Comedy star Daniel Tosh in Car
Central Comedy star Daniel Tosh in Car

Credit: thenewswheel

Daniel Tosh Car
Daniel Tosh Car

Credit: thenewswheel

Daniel Tosh Car
Daniel Tosh Car

Credit: pinterest

Daniel’s net worth has been raised by $5 million from the year 2013 when his net worth was $11 million.

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