NFL’s Russell Wilson’s Married Life and Divorce with Ashton Meem: Parent of Two Children with Current Wife Ciara

NFL’s Russell Wilson’s Married Life and Divorce with Ashton Meem: Parent of Two Children with Current Wife Ciara

If you are engaged with a high profile personality then you ultimately become a celebrity. Same is the case with Ashton Meem who is neither an actress nor an Internet star but just a normal woman. However, she has gained a lot of attention all over the world after the marriage with the professional American quarterback footballer, Russell Wilson but they have already divorced.

Now, the major question arises is that if the two are dating or married again to their respective partners or both of them are single. In brief, here we will also find the reason behind the couple’s split. Let’s explore.

Marriage of Former Husband And Wife: Russell Wilson And Ashton Meem: Their Controversial Divorce

Everything was started from the Collegiate School in Richmond where the gorgeous Ashton Meem was studying at the time when her eyes first laid on football legend Russell Wilson.

After several meetings, the couple initially became friends and later briefly started dating. After Ashton completed the High School, she moved to Georgia to attend the University of Georgia, however, both of them were in contact and continued their affair as a long-distance relationship.

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson
Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson

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Soon after the blond beauty graduated from the North Carolina State University, Russell proposed the love of his life in 2010.

It was already a couple of months of their engagement when these two lovebirds got married. The pair held their wedding in a lavish ceremony in Country Club of Virginia on 14 January 2012.

Ashton meem and Russell Wilson wedding
Ashton meem and Russell Wilson wedding

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After the marriage, likely to the NFL player Wilson, his wife Ashton became an overnight sensation. Unfortunately, after enjoying a happy marital relationship for about two years, an unexpected turn came to their life.

In April 2014, Wilson filed for a divorce against his wife and the reason why he wanted to split from Ashton was cited as her extramarital affair with the former Seahawks player Golden Tate.

Tate, Wilson and Ashton’s collage picture in frostsnow

However, Ashton’s  relationship with Tate turned to be false after Tate’s statement to the media.

He said,

I did not have an affair with Russell Wilson’s wife, nor did I have anything to do with his divorce. That is laughable for anyone who knows us.


His ex-wife, Ashton, is still best friends with my girlfriend. Russell and I were good friends when I was in Seattle, on and off the field? He knows the rumors about me were unfounded, damaging to my reputation, and an attack on my character.

Despite Tate’s statement, the pair parted their ways.

Wilson And Ashton’s Current Relationship Status: Russell Married Ciara- Have Two Children

Soon after their divorce, Wilson’s new relationship news came out to the public with a new girlfriend. He had been dating a popular singing sensation Ciara to whom the NFL star “eventually was married in a fairytale wedding ceremony”.

Here’s a video of the blissful husband and wife’s wedding. Get more details from here. Enjoy Watching!

Within a year of their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, an adorable son whom they named Future Zahir Wilbur.

In April 2017, the amazing couple blessed with their second child and this time with a baby girl. They have named their daughter Sienna Princess Wilson and name was decided before her birth.

Yes, you read that right. The two had already announced her “name” through an Instagram post. Check it out.

We wish the family of four all the very best!!

What Happen To Ashton Meem? Where Is She Currently? What has she been doing?

Though her ex-husband Wilson is happily married to another woman, “after the divorce, Ashton never got involved in any relationship neither she thought to get married again”.

Ashton Meem
Ashton Meem


She is currently living under the radar and has been working as an as an Advertising Operations Assistant for an American Family Insurance Company.

Do you think, she will start an affair with a new boyfriend in future? Drop your views in the comment section below.

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