Wendy Williams’ Married Life and Divorce Rumors with Husband Kevin Hunter: Cheating Allegations: Children?

Wendy Williams' Married Life and Divorce Rumors with Husband Kevin Hunter: Cheating Allegations: Children?

One of the most renowned television personality Wendy Williams’ personal life has been a matter of curiosity for a long time. She has been married to her husband Kevin Hunter for so long, however, the couple has been surrounded by the divorce rumors because of Kevin’s allegations of cheating his wife.

So, let’s learn whether this story is true of it’s just a rumor. Here we will also discuss the love affair and marital relationship of this married couple. Keep scrolling!!

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Wendy Williams’ Dating and Married Life with Husband Kevin Hunter

It’s a mystery that how the couple first met but Wendy William and Kevin Hunter are reportedly together since 1997 and after several months of dating, they were finally married on 30 November of the following year.

Wendy Williams with son Kevin Jr.
Wendy Williams with son Kevin Jr.

Source: Mic.com

They have not spoken about or shared a single picture of their wedding ceremony. On 18 August 2000, Wendy became a parent for the first time as she gave birth to a child, a baby boy with her husband and they named their son Kevin Hunter Jr. who is now at his age of 18.

Divorce Rumors: Wendy’s Husband Kevin Allegedly Cheating Her Wife on A Therapist Rumored Girlfriend

The reality television star’s husband had been accused of having an extramarital affair with a therapist named Sharina Hudson.

As per the report, the pair “has been dating for decades-long”. In fact, Kevin reportedly even has bought a $726,000 worth house for his mistress which is only nine miles far from his wife’s place in New Jersey.

Husband Kevin Hunter with Wendy Williams
Husband Kevin Hunter with Wendy Williams

Source: NYDailyNews

Kevin has been accused of living a double life and we can see much talks about Kevin’s relationship with Sharina. According to DailyMail, Kevin is even reported to went home to Sharina.

Wendy Williams Speaks About Husband Kevin Hunter’s Cheating Allegations

When Daily mail published such words about her beloved husband, Wendy could not stop herself to defense and support her spouse.

Just after a week when Kevin’s cheating allegations surfaced, Wendy came forward and said that the accusations are baseless.

She said in the statement:

One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend but there is no ‘there’ there.

This shows how smoothly the husband and wife are going and enjoying their marital relationship.

Wendy Williams’ Past Love Affairs and Relationships: Previously Married To Ex-Husband Robert Morris III

Talking about Wendy Williams’ “past love affair and relationship”, the television star has not shared much information.

However, in her biography “Wendy’s Got the Heat”, she addressed that she was “previously married to a man named Robert Morris III” a whom Wendy had divorced shortly before getting married to her current husband Kevin.

Wendy Williams with son Kevin jr and husband Kevin Denver
Wendy williams with son kevin jr and husband Kevin Denver

                                             Source: Redbook mag

Now the conclusion is Wendy has been living a blissful married life with husband Kevin and son Kevin Junior. We wish this family of three all the very best for their future.

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