Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity


The immensely popular host of the radio talk show ‘The Sean Hannity Show,’ Sean Hannity is an eminent TV host and a political commentator. He is currently working for the Fox News Channel.

Besides, Hannity is also a brilliant author whose three books are listed in the New York Times bestselling books. He is a free-wheeling, and candid commentator on American politics as well as is also a highly visible face on TV.

Early Life and Education

Born on 30th December 1961, in New York City, New York, Sean Hannity was born as Sean Patrick Hannity to father Hugh J. and Lillian F. Hannity. He grew up in Franklin Square, New York along with his two sisters.

During his middle school, Hannity attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead and St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary, during his high school. He then joined New York University and Adelphi University. However, he finally dropped out before graduation. Regarding his nationality and ethnicity/race, Hannity is a White American.

Professional Career

In the year 1989, Sean Hannity began his journalism career as a host with talk radio show at the volunteer college station at UC Santa Barbara, KCSB-FM. He then found work with the radio station WVNN to host an afternoon talk show, after his weekly show was canceled in 1990.

After working for four years with WGST, Hannity got a significant opportunity when he was hired by the co-founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes to co-host a show with Alan Colmes, in 1996. The live TV show  ‘Hannity & Colmes’, got aired in October 1996, where Hannity presented a conservative and liberal perspective respectively on current issues along with Alan for the show.

Hannity gained public attention after becoming the host of the hugely popular radio talk show ‘The Sean Hannity Show.’ The show was broadcasted through multiple outlets in September 2001 and is also the second most listened to commercial radio show.

In the show, Hannity talks regarding several political topics including terrorism, illegal immigration, and warfare as well as provides a phone line for the listeners who disagree with him to call him. In the year 2004, he made his agreement worth $25 million for a five-year contract extension with ABC Radio in 2004 to continue the show until 2009.

ABC Radio sold to Citadel Communications, in June 2007 and Hannity signed for $100 million five-year deal with them, in summer of 2008. The show is heard by more than 13.25 million listeners a week.

Besides, Hannity has also authored three fantastic books. One of his book ‘Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism’ became a New York Times bestseller, published in the year 2002. After a couple of years, he published his second book ‘Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism.’

Hannity later started hosting a weekly talk show ‘Hannity’s America’ on the Fox News Channel in 2007. In the year 2010, he published latest book ‘‘Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda.’

Personal Life

The American talk show host, author, and conservative political commentator, Sean Hannity is married to his long-time girlfriend, a fellow journalist, Jill Rhodes, since 1993. Hannity and his wife, Jill are parents of two children; Merri Kelly and Patrick.

The couple has been married for more than two decades now, and there is no sign of divorce or separation. In the year 1992, the pair was introduced to each other, and after a year of dating, they got married. Currently, they are living in the $3.6 million 5-bedroom home, located in Lloyd Neck, New York along with their two children.

Sean Hannity’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

In recent months, many of the Fox News Network high-level personalities involved in multiple charges of sexual harassment including Sean Hannity, Kevin Spacey, and Bill O’Reilly as well.

The American attorney, Debbie Schlussel claimed Sean Hannity of sexual harassment. According to Debbie Schlussel, the host reportedly tried to call her in his hotel room, back when both of them were in a book signing. He then decided to fight for this allegation on him, and he stated,

The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with. This individual desperately seeks attention by any means necessary, including making unfounded personal attacks and using indefensible and outrageous political rhetoric. My patience with this individual is over.

Net Worth, Salary, and Body Measurement

The Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has garnered a tremendous amount of money from his journalism career. Hannity has an estimated a net worth of $80 million, as of 2017. He earns $29 million as an annual salary. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall.



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